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Wellness Studio

Workshops to Support Your Corporate Wellness

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Eat Your Way to
Amazing Energy

This workshop is all about how to give yourself the gift of daily fuel to support your body when you're booked and busy.


  • What a "good energy" day looks like, with easy-to-understand information about the stress hormone cortisol and how it impacts the day.

  • How a balanced plate improves energy and tips for meal planning to set up for success.

  • Tips for avoiding the blood sugar rollercoaster that can plummet their energy and lead to chronic health issues.

  • Key energy-boosting nutrients and foods to provide sustainable fuel for their daily to-do lists.

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Travel Well

Staying well and being productive with travel is a top 



I will walk your group through:

  • Nutrition tips for healthy travel, including how to pack for plane rides and the best foods for stress, immune health, and sleep. 

  • How to plan ahead to ensure access to food that meets their needs and avoid the stress of last-minute decisions.

  • Recommendations for self-care so they arrive at their destination hydrated, relaxed, and free of the digestive distress that can often come with traveling.

  • Tips for getting quality sleep when hopping time zones to avoid exhaustion and burnout.

Sleep more to Stress less.png

Sleep More to Stress Less

Are you hearing that getting back to the office has added the stress of addressing some not so great sleep habits many adopted over the pandemic. This workshop will cover practical solutions to get back on track! 

We will cover: 

  • What it means to have quality sleep and why it matters (including effects on mood, productivity and overall health).

  • Five potential reasons for difficulty sleeping and simple solutions to start with right away.

  • Ideas for more impactful morning and evening routines.

  • Nutrition tips for better sleep to start incorporating helpful foods at their next meal.

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