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  • Do I really need to complete my Foundational Assessment paperwork 48 business hours before my appointment?
    Yes, it is extremely important for you to complete the questionnaires at least 48 hour prior to your visit. 1-3 hours of time is spent in review prior to your appointment so a comprehensive, individualized plan can be started. Also, we don't want to use valuable visit time filling in your list of current medications or supplements.
  • How many visits will I need?
    The answer to this question depends on your unique health challenges. Most patients choose to enter our 3 or 5 month Vibrant energy program. Our goal is to help you meet your health goals in a timeframe that works best for you. Those with chronic health issues, such as chronic fatigue syndrome or thyroid issues, will likely wish a longer program than someone who is looking to optimize nutrients for athletic performance. A good rule of thumb is the longer you have not felt well, the longer the time is required for healing.
  • How do I communicate between visits?
    Patients may ask quick questions regarding their treatment plan in-between visits via the online patient portal messaging system (Practice Better). Your provider will usually respond within 2 business days. Questions not related to the treatment plan are best suited for patient visits. Questions should not be related to urgent or emergency matters.
  • How do I schedule a visit?
    For a Meet and Greet Virtual Discovery call, you can click the Schedule a Call button on the website or here. Answer a few questions and then you will be able to self-schedule the time. If both Renee and you feel that this is the right fit at the end of your FREE call, you will receive an invitation to schedule a Foundational Assessment via Practice Better. Established patients can use the patient portal (for Practice Better) to self-schedule a virtual visit as mutually determined between Renee and you (all right in the comfort or your own home or office)!
  • What is a Foundational Assessment?
    The Foundational Assessment may take up to 90 minutes depending on the complexity of your health concerns and condition. There will be comprehensive health history and review of any previous lab testing or records pertinent to your health concerns. Specialty testing, medications, nutritional supplements, specific diets or referrals based on your medical history and needs will be recommended to set you on the road to having the energy you want to life your life exactly how you want everyday!
  • Do I still need a Primary Care Provider?
    Yes. Aonani Functional Medicine is not a primary care provider. While we see patients with all types of acute and chronic illnesses, we are specialists and do not offer routine health screenings. We are not available for same-day emergent appointments. We do not have a 24 hour answering service and do not take calls on evenings/weekends. If you need to be seen urgently or have a medical emergency, you need to go to ER, urgent care, or see your primary care provider. We ask that you have an established primary care provider before becoming our patient.
  • Will insurance cover specialty tests?
    Specialty tests are generally not covered by insurance. These labs can be included in program pricing and then would not be eligible for insurance reimbursement also.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    We require 48 hours notification via our online patient portal messaging system (Practice Better) for cancellation or reschedule. Without this notice, the following fees apply: -$200 cancellation fee for a Foundational Assessment Visit -$50 cancellation fee for 30 minute Follow Up Visits -Program/package cancellation fees as outlined in Program/package Agreements
  • What are your payment and fee policies?
    Payment is expected with scheduling your appointment. We accept Visa and Mastercard. We do not accept checks or cash. Most of the expense for medical care is based on time spent with you. Please be aware that 1-3 hours is spent reviewing your case prior to and after your Foundational Assessment visit to develop your individualized care plan and this time is included in the overall cost. All new patients have a Foundational Assessment. We can hold your first appointment time with a $200 deposit by credit card. This deposit is non-refundable in the event you cancel or reschedule less than 2 business days before your scheduled appointment or no show your appointment. The time is reserved for you and this policy is meant to allow others to access to the appointment times.
  • Is it possible for insurance to cover my labs?
    Yes, some labs may be covered by your insurance, depending on your health insurance plan. Please check coverage with your insurance company. Facilities many patients use include local hospitals, LabCorp, and Quest.
  • How do I handle insurance company disputes?
    Your contract is between your insurance company and you. We are not able to be involved in disputes with your insurance company. We provide a detailed billing summary with appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic coding. We are not able to submit medical records to your insurance company.
  • Can I use health insurance for my visits?
    Visits are cash pay, with credit card or HSA/FSA card. We do not bill insurance companies. Upon request, we can provide a detailed billing summary (superbill) that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement, other than Medicare (see below). Please contact your insurance company to ensure this is an option in your plan). We are considered out-of-network providers. Coverage depends on your contract with your insurance company. When your insurance does reimburse, we cannot guarantee how much payment will be. We can provide you with documentation for your Health Savings Account (HSA). Medicare will not reimburse for care delivered by a non-participating provider and you are not able to submit to them for reimbursement.
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