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Meet Renee

Welcome! The foods we eat, the way we move, and the way we spend our days all impact how we care for ourselves and our loved ones. How to bring together the right combination of these for each individual person can be a challenge. We don't have to be perfect in all these areas. We do need to understand the role our choices can have in our health and the inflammation that can be created in our bodies. Inflammation can cause debilitating symptoms many people struggle with even after being treated for their chronic diseases. I am a virtual health consultant who can help you discover practical ways to have the energy and health to do what you want each day. 

I most recently worked as a Nurse Practitioner in a neurology and sleep practice in Salt Lake City, Utah. After 25 plus years in healthcare, I am excited to guide you on your wellness journey! I have training from two premier organizations: the Institute for Functional Medicine and the School of Applied Functional Medicine.

After experiencing health challenges of my own and not improving despite seeing qualified, well intentioned providers, I sought out more holistic, research based approaches. This coupled with seeing people continue to suffer with symptoms of chronic health issues led me to want to share what I have learned to help you. Traditionally, health care providers are short on time due to the constraints in the systems, not because they do not care or think there is more to getting you to your best health. I want to help you become the boss of your life! 


When was the last time you felt well?

When was the last time you slept well?

When was the last time you could play with your children or grandchildren without feeling worn out?

Who doesn't want to feel energetic and confident?

We will work together to discover root causes of your low energy, and poor sleep. Then we will identify practical strategies to get you back to showing up for your family and yourself EXACTLY how you want everyday! 

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